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Mathematics Tutor in Greenwich, CT and Online

Offering private math tutoring for middle school, high school and college in Greenwich, CT and surrounding areas including Darien, New Canaan and Rye, NY. Online via Zoom.

Expert Math Tutoring: Experience the Difference

As a highly experienced and professional math instructor, I have been providing top-notch private math tutoring services to students in Greenwich, CT and surrounding area (Fairfield / Westchester Counties) and online via Zoom for the past two decades.

My love for the subject and extensive knowledge of applied mathematics and it’s applications to engineering, physics, physical chemistry, and computer science have enabled me to successfully teach and mentor countless students, helping them excel in their academic and professional pursuits.

I will deliver top results and surpass your expectations.

  • Geometry
  • Algebra I / II
  • Precalculus
  • Calculus I /II / Multivariable
  • Linear Algebra
  • Differential Equations
  • Nonlinear Dynamics / Chaos

Efficient and Effective Lectures: The Advantage of Zoom Sessions

In-person instruction in Greenwich, CT, surrounding Fairfield and Westchester county areas, and online via Zoom. After each session student get accessible PDF notes and session recordings.
  • Recorded Session
  • Clear PDF of work we did
  • Recall Session Content Anywhere!

My Approach


Pasha is the Rolls-Royce of tutors. He has the flexibility to adjust his approach to the unique abilities or challenges of each student and will spend the time to customize his lessons as needed. He is also able to flex seamlessly across subjects, so if you student doesn't have much going on in one subject, he can quickly switch to another. I especially liked that he doesn't just do traditional subjects but can also teach multiple programming languages, a crucial skill in today's world. Most important, he really cares and will give both parent and student honest feedback on what is working or what is not. Pasha is a superstar.

Peter KempUPenn Wharton

Pasha was a tutor of mine for many years through middle school and high school. He helped me excel in mathematics, both in class and with standardized tests. I also took challenging physics courses with advanced calculus, which he helped me with as well. What makes Pasha a great tutor is not just his commitment to find your highest capability, but also the lessons he emphasizes throughout the learning process that help in all aspects of life.

Tyler AndersonAvon Old Farms -> Georgetown

A truly gifted educator, Pasha is not content with just pointing his students to the answer. Instead, he takes great care and pride in making sure his students understand the material and its concepts to their core. Under his tutelage I was able to exceed even my own academic expectations as he pushed me to a competency in Math and Science that I previously thought was unachievable. Ultimately, his lessons were pivotal not only in my very successful college application process, but also foundational in my pursuit of higher studies. I am grateful to be able to call him a friend and mentor to this day.

Ryan StackpoleRCDS -> Claremont McKenna

Pasha is a one of one. He is truly an expert in teaching. His calm demeanor and willingness to ensure that you understood every question rather than simply the answer differed from any tutor I’ve ever worked with. After sessions with him, I improved my letter grade in calculus and chemistry by 20%. He reformed how I approached questions in not just the subjects we went over but also in my other coursework. I went to a significantly better school than I could have ever dreamed of thanks to him. It was a pleasure to work with him and I could not recommend him more.

Christopher CarterGreens Farm Academy -> Boston College

Pasha helped me through several difficult math courses in high school and college. he identified specific areas where I struggled, answered all my questions thoroughly, and improved my overall confidence in math enormously. He's an amazing tutor and I would absolutely recommend him to everyone.

Gabriela MullenGreenwich Academy -> U Michigan

I am so lucky that I found Pasha to tutor my daughter. When she became challenged with some of the more difficult concepts in AP Calculus, Pasha quickly identified the issues and blocks she was experiencing and was able to get her back on track by adjusting her approach to problem solving.
Pasha is a supportive person and a great mentor; He is truly interested in getting a student to embrace and enjoy the learning process. He is a no-nonsense person and expects a student to work hard and take personal responsibility for their learning and comprehension. When my daughter began to have some issues with AP Chemistry, he happily jumped in and quickly got her back on the right track.
Pasha is one of the best investments I made in my daughter’s high school education.

Robyn ZiperskiStanford / USC Parent

Universities My Students Attend:

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