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Professional Tutor in Greenwich, CT and Online

Improvement takes concrete steps, hard work, and happens in defined stages. This process, however, can be significantly accelerated and optimized with the right coach.

Pasha MirazimiLead STEM Tutor

Students Coached

Serving the Greenwich CT area since 2008

  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Coding
  • SAT / ACT Test-Prep

What my students and parents have to say

Pasha is the Rolls-Royce of tutors. He has the flexibility to adjust his approach to the unique abilities or challenges of each student and will spend the time to customize his lessons as needed. He is also able to flex seamlessly across subjects, so if a student doesn't have much going on in one subject, he can quickly switch to another. I especially liked that he doesn't just do traditional subjects but can also teach multiple programming languages, a crucial skill in today's world. Most important, he really cares and will give both parent and student honest feedback on what is working or what is not. Pasha is a superstar.

Peter KempParent

Pasha is a one of one. He is truly an expert in teaching. His calm demeanor and willingness to ensure that you understood every question rather than simply the answer differed from any tutor I’ve ever worked with. After sessions with him, I improved my letter grade in calculus and chemistry by 20%. He reformed how I approached questions in not just the subjects we went over but also in my other coursework. I went to a significantly better school than I could have ever dreamed of thanks to him. It was a pleasure to work with him and I could not recommend him more.

Chris CarterGHS -> Boston College

Pasha is exceptional not least because he is able to tutor at a high level across multiple subjects including physics, math, and chemistry, but also because of his warm, relaxed manner with kids and his maturity in dealing with parents.

L. BonavenuraRCDS -> Stanford U

Pasha was a tutor of mine for many years through middle school and high school. He helped me excel in mathematics, both in class and with standardized tests. I also took challenging physics courses with advanced calculus, which he helped me with as well. What makes Pasha a great tutor is not just his commitment to find your highest capability, but also the lessons he emphasizes throughout the learning process that help in all aspects of life.

Tyler AndersonAvon Old Farms -> Georgetown U.

A truly gifted educator, Pasha is not content with just pointing his students to the answer. Instead, he takes great care and pride in making sure his students understand the material and its concepts to their core. Under his tutelage I was able to exceed even my own academic expectations as he pushed me to a competency in Math and Science that I previously thought was unachievable. Ultimately, his lessons were pivotal not only in my very successful college application process, but also foundational in my pursuit of higher studies. I am grateful to be able to call him a friend and mentor to this day.

Ryan StackpoleRCDS -> Claremont McKenna

Pasha is an exceptional tutor.
He has an extensive subject domain in which he can skillfully teach including math, computer science, physics, chemistry, and biology from the middle school level all the way to the university level.
What distinguishes Pasha apart from others is his ability to teach sophisticated concepts to an intuitive understanding rather than memorization, something extraordinarily rare I've found in the teaching community regardless of the academic level [...]
Pasha's dedication to his students' success is evident in his teachings, making him a valuable mentor in all of his student's academic journey.

Michael HartKing -> Carnegie Mellon

Excellence in STEM Tutoring

I work with students of all ages and backgrounds and consistently produce exceptional results, always exceeding expectations. Top grades in AP courses. 95th percentile+ in ACT / SAT math and science. Many of my former students have gone on to pursue successful careers in medicine, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields.

About Me

Teaching Methodology

Coaching Students to Top Institutions.

Professional tutoring in Greenwich, CT, in-home, and online with Zoom

Delivering expert in-person instruction in Greenwich, CT and Fairfield county and online via Zoom. Students benefit from accessible PDF notes and session videos, enhancing their learning journey.

Zoom Session Notes: Physics 1, AP Chemistry, Calc 2, Statistics

Experience the Difference

As a professional tutor with over two decades of experience in Greenwich, CT, I understand the value of personalized education. Every student is unique and requires a tailored approach to learning that caters to their individual needs and strengths.

My experience in academia and extensive education have equipped me to teach at the highest levels across multiple STEM subjects. I believe that a tutor’s job goes beyond imparting knowledge; it involves instilling confidence and a passion for learning in every student.

Teaching them how to learn – the most important skill.