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Yale University

“Pasha is an exceptional tutor. He has an extensive subject domain in which he can skillfully teach including math, computer science, physics, chemistry [...] from the middle school level all the way through university. What distinguishes Pasha apart from others is his ability to teach sophisticated concepts to an intuitive understanding rather than memorization, something extraordinarily rare I've found in the teaching community.”

Michael HartCMU Grad / Founder, Firestorm Capital

Delivering Results

I coach my students into earning their way into top institutions such as Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth, UPenn Wharton, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia Medical, and more importantly, to the campus they have their heart set on. Meaningful advances in short time frames, and near-perfect to perfect scores on standardized tests abound.

More importantly, I teach the students to solve problems methodically and creatively, and how to think through unfamiliar challenges in a manner that is actually retained, scaling up to their future roles in society.

Many now work for SpaceX, Tesla, and numerous prestigious financial, political, medical, and legal institutions. I look forward to training the next generation and to see what they will eventually achieve!


What the parents have to say

RCDS / Clairemont McKenna ParentMath / Biology Tutoring

Pasha works miracles! He is not just a great tutor but a great teacher, and his passion for the material he teaches is infectious. As a freshmen, my son was struggling with his first C ever in Honors Bio. Almost overnight Pasha helped him get from a C+ average to A+'s on every single exam thru the remainder of the year. He did so not just by teaching him what to know, but how to study. In the process my son also gained confidence that he could conquer any obstacle academically, no matter how daunting. Those are the lessons that endure. We have used Pasha for tutoring in every math and science class -- and every standardized test -- since then. His results have been extraordinary even when covering the most demanding material.

L BonaventuraRCDS -> Stanford U.

Pasha is exceptional not least because he is able to tutor at a high level across multiple subjects including physics, math, and chemistry, but also because of his warm, relaxed manner with kids and his maturity in dealing with parents.

M.B.Westport Staples -> Duke

Pasha was not only a gifted tutor to my high school son, but is such a wonderful person that he became an incredible mentor and role model to him as well. He literally made the difficult subject of multivariable calculus completely understandable and manageable, and my son's confidence blossomed as he soon 'got it' and began acing every test. I can think of no better person to turn to and depend on during such times of academic need. We are eternally grateful for his guidance and recommend him without reservation!

Greenwich High School ParentGHS -> Penn 2x!

We found Pasha’s longtime experience as a tutor along with his complete mastery of math and chemistry subjects to be a great asset to our children’s education. His depth of knowledge of the subject matter allows him to present the material from various angles and make connections that resonate and promote understanding and success

Lori KonoligeAndover / Choate -> Penn / Duke!

Pasha Mirazimi came highly recommended by my friend's daughter, an advanced math student. She said, "I've had a lot of tutors, but Pasha knows his stuff." That's the truth. He gets it and knows how to teach it. Pasha has assisted my children with various math courses, SAT prep, and singlehandedly got my daughter through killer physics. We also all became friends, despite his prodding and their complaining. That's a talent too.

AnonymousKing School Parent

My daughter has been at private school her whole life and has always struggled in math despite the smaller class size environment. Without Pasha's help, she would not have reached the advanced level of math she is at today or had the confidence in her problem-solving abilities. Pasha helps her gain a comprehensive understanding of the subjects at hand instead of simply memorizing steps to reach an answer whose meaning and larger significance are foreign. His insightful knowledge of mathematical concepts goes beyond what her private school teachers present in class.