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“To merely label Pasha as a tutor would be an understatement. He embodies the role of a mentor who deeply invests in the welfare of his students [...] His unwavering dedication and genuine care have not only shaped me academically, but has left an indelible mark on my life”

Devin FreedmanGHS -> NYU

About me

Hailing from Cambridge MA, I grew up in a family that highly valued education.

Benefiting from this good fortune, I found a mentor in Professor Udayan Mohanty, a theoretical physical chemist at Boston College. There, under his tutelage, I fell in love with physics and chemistry, and studied intently the requisite mathematics and computer science to understand and expand upon what I learned from my professors. There I discovered my real passion: teaching and mentoring students.

Matriculating at Yale University for their Biophysics PhD program, I spent a few years at the cutting edge of academic research before shifting industries in search of a challenge and purpose. A few years of work in synthetic organic chemistry and futures trading at Bridgewater Associates left me with the realization that I felt empty and unfulfilled away from my true role as a coach and educator.

Settling in Greenwich CT, I have been teaching and mentoring students full time for the better part of two decades now. The results have been phenomenal, the relationships long-lasting, and the impact of my work extremely rewarding.


Boston College – College of Arts & Science Chestnut Hill, Mass.

  • Obtained BS, 2005: Chemistry, Physics; Mathematics (minor)
  • Cumulative Major(s) GPA: 3.90/4.00 Unscaled

Yale University – Dept. of Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry (MB&B)—New Haven, Conn.

  • PhD Candidate / Research Assistant
  • Performed data analysis and delivered periodic presentations of research to Yale MB&B students and faculty
  • Engaged in cutting-edge genomics / bioinformatics research utilizing Perl language on Unix-based platforms and research on muscle protein binding and cooperativity.
  • Conducted genetics research on Cu transport proteins / employing advanced modeling techniques to analyze crystals through Cryo-EM.

Awards & Honors

  • Goldwater Scholar, 2004
    Established in honor of Senator Barry M. Goldwater, the Goldwater Scholarship is ‘designed to foster and encourage outstanding students to pursue careers in mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering [. . .] the premier undergraduate award of its type in these fields.’
  • Cambridge-Gates Scholarship Finalist, 2004
  • American Chemical Society (NESACS) Norris/Richards Research Scholarship, 2003
  • American Chemical Society (NESACS) Grant-In-Aid Award, 2004
  • Funding for travel to present poster at 2004 ACS National Conference in Anaheim
  • Delivered an oral presentation at 2004 N.E. Student Chemistry Research Conference (NESCRC) by NESACS and the N.E. Section of Younger Chemists Committee (NSYCC)
  • Phi Beta Kappa (Junior Year)
Tutoring and test prep

In-home and remote professional tutoring and test prep services


  • Geometry
  • Algebra I / II
  • Precalculus
  • Calculus 1 / 2 / Multivariable
  • Linear Algebra
  • Differential Equations
  • Nonlinear Dynamics / Chaos

Computer science

  • AP Computer Science
  • Java / C++ / Python 3 Programming
  • Java GUI (JFrame / Swing)
  • Java Persistence / SQL
  • Advanced Algorithms


  • Honors and AP Physics I / II / C
  • Waves and Vibrations (college)
  • Mechanics (college)
  • Electricity & Magnetism (college)

College test prep

  • ACT Science / Math
  • “New” SAT Math
  • GRE Math


  • Honors and AP Chemistry
  • Advanced Intro Chem (college)
  • Organic (college)
  • Inorganic (college)
  • Physical (college)

Independent school admission test prep

  • SSAT / ISEE Quantitative


  • Honors and College
  • Biophysics

AP Exams

  • Chemistry
  • Physics 1 / 2 / C
  • Calculus AB / BC
  • Biology AP / E / M
  • Computer Science