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Pasha Mirazimi

Improvement takes concrete steps, hard work, and happens in defined stages. This process, however, can be significantly accelerated and optimized with the right coach.
About me
Hailing from Cambridge, Ma, I grew up in a family that highly valued education.

Benefiting from this good fortune, I found a mentor in Professor Udayan Mohanty, a theoretical physical chemist at Boston College. There, under his tutelage, I fell in love with physics and chemistry, and studied intently the requisite mathematics and computer science to understand and expand upon what I learned from my professors. There I discovered my real passion: teaching and mentoring students.

Matriculating at Yale University for their Biophysics PhD program, I spent a few years at the cutting edge of academic research before shifting industries in search of a challenge and purpose. A few years of work in synthetic organic chemistry and futures trading at a leading hedge fund left me with the realization that I felt empty and unfulfilled away from my true role as a coach and educator.

Settling in Greenwich CT, I have been teaching and mentoring students full time for the better part of a decade now. The results have been phenomenal, the relationships long-lasting, and the impact of my work extremely rewarding.

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Greenwich Advantage, founded in 2017, is the natural progression of my efforts. Seeking to build a team of highly qualified, properly vetted, and exceptional instructors / mentors / coaches who command the respect and attention of their students, I am leveraging my experience in private education to influence a larger group of deserving students.
The operating principle, and the philosophy we share, is that there is a fine balance of rigor and discipline against constructive feedback in increasing performance and the requisite understanding. This starts with the development of a proper can-do mental framework, the elimination of excuses, and a coach who shows you *how to learn. Sustainable, process-oriented learning.


Improvement takes concrete steps, hard work, and happens in defined stages. This process, however, can be significantly accelerated and optimized with the right coach.

I teach in a highly visual manner, emphasizing strategic problem solving – and solving them in multiple ways where advisable. I am able to explain very difficult concepts in simple terms and can immediately identify any shortcomings in understanding and how to overcome them. I emphasize organization, a step-by-step approach, detailing every step of a calculation, and creative ways to execute the math.

Wherever possible, I quickly rebuild shaky foundations in short order.

I have repeatedly and successfully helped students skip an entire year of high school subject matter in less than month or part-time study, routinely teaching students who have missed days or weeks of study subject matter in a fraction of the classroom time it would otherwise take.

Finally, I emphasize hard work, personal responsibility, and do not take kindly to excuses or nonsense. I’m open and – where appropriate, brutally honest – about what realistically can and needs to be done. We may have fun learning – and that’s how I prefer it – but I’m always clear about what it takes to improve and what I expect in order to maximize our time together.


I have coached my students into earning their way into top institutions such as Stanford, Yale, UPenn, Carnegie Mellon, and more importantly, to the campus they had their heart set on. Meaningful advances in short time frames, and near-perfect to perfect scores on standardized tests abound.

More importantly, I teach the students to solve problems methodically and creatively, and how to think through unfamiliar challenges in a manner that is actually retained, scaling up to their future roles in society.

Many now work for SpaceX, Tesla, and numerous prestigious financial, political, and legal institutions. I look forward to training the next generation and to see what they will eventually achieve!


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Old Greenwich, CT