Teaching Philosophy

Improvement takes concrete steps, hard work, and happens in defined stages. This process, however, can be significantly accelerated and optimized with the right coach.

I teach in a highly visual manner, emphasizing strategic problem solving – and solving them in multiple ways where advisable. I am able to explain very difficult concepts in simple terms and can immediately identify any shortcomings in understanding and how to overcome them. I emphasize organization, a step-by-step approach, detailing every step of a calculation, and creative ways to execute the math.

Wherever possible, I quickly rebuild shaky foundations in short order.

I have repeatedly and successfully helped students skip an entire year of high school subject matter in less than month or part-time study, routinely teaching students who have missed days or weeks of study subject matter in a fraction of the classroom time it would otherwise take.

Finally, I emphasize hard work, personal responsibility, and do not take kindly to excuses or nonsense. I’m open and – where appropriate, brutally honest – about what realistically can and needs to be done. We may have fun learning – and that’s how I prefer it – but I’m always clear about what it takes to improve and what I expect in order to maximize our time together.